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Expand Your Audience with Fully Managed Translations

Fully Managed

Forget the complexity, we handle everything, from creating a new WordPress instance to translating blog posts and diagrams.

Localized Accuracy

Dive into the LATAM market with translations that reflect the cultural nuances of your target audience.

Skyrocket Your Audience

Every new language version of your blog opens up fresh revenue streams. Prepare for a significant uptick in earnings.

Let’s Increase Your Visibility and Your Earnings

Propel your blog into the international spotlight with our fully managed WordPress translation services. By offering content in multiple languages, you not only diversify your readership, but also significantly amplify your reach and traffic.

Imagine your words resonating across continents, sparking connections, and building a truly global community — without the hassle of managing translations yourself.

Fully Managed Translation Services

WordPress Wizardry

Setting up new WordPress instances to diversify your blog and make it impervious to Google’s mood swings.

Comprehensive Translation

From engaging blog posts to technical pages, we bring cultural nuance to your content.

Diagram Localization

Diagrams and infographics speak volumes. We make sure they speak in every language your blog does.

Links Localization

We localize external links for authenticity in each market, enhancing credibility and user experience.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO optimization for each language version to maximize visibility in regional search engines.

Continued Support

Confidently grow your blog’s global presence with our team by your side. 

How We Work

Step 1: Market Research and Analysis

Before embarking on the translation adventure, we dive deep into the data. We assess your blog’s current standing, analyzing keyword performance, competitor strategies, and identify new opportunities within the global marketplace. Our goal is to ensure that expanding your blog’s language base is not just a possibility but a strategic advantage.

Step 2: Launching a Mirror WordPress Instance

Safety first—your content deserves a secure and robust platform. We set up an additional WordPress instance, creating an identical yet independent space for your translated blog. This approach shields you from the whims of Google updates and gives your international audience a home.

Step 3: Content Translation and Localization

Touch of human brilliance, sprinkle of AI sophistication—we bring together the best of both worlds to translate your blog posts and pages. Diagrams, infographics, external links—we localize it all, providing a seamless and coherent journey for your newfound readers.

Step 4: WordPress Multilingual SEO Optimization

It’s not just about being understood; it’s about being found. We implement comprehensive technical SEO strategies for each language. From Hreflang tags to meta data, we optimize every aspect to ensure search engines and readers become instant admirers of your multilingual content.

Case Studies

neurochispas portfolio

Neurochispas: A Math and Physics Hub

With a fully managed WordPress translation, SEO localization, and the integration of rich translated diagrams, Neurochispas now commands an impressive presence, boasting nearly 1 million monthly pageviews in Spanish and an additional 300k in Portuguese. This remarkable growth is evidence of the significant untapped market available to bloggers who embrace multilingual content strategies.

Calendafest: Your Ultimate Holiday Companion

Our custom-built Calendafest website showcases an interactive, user-friendly calendar filled with holidays. Meticulously crafted using full-stack development, this site is not only informative but a vibrant, joyous guide to worldwide occasions.

caledafest portfolio

Computernoobs: Unravels the Digital World

Embracing our managed translation and localization, Computernoobs has seen a surge in traffic from Spanish-speaking readers. The Spanish version of the blog now outperforms its English counterpart, showcasing the power of localizing content in less competitive markets.

Free Quote

Start With a Free Market Research

Before we dive into the intricacies of translation, we conduct thorough user and market research. This is a critical step, as it allows us to assess if your blog can truly benefit from our services. By understanding your niche, competitors, and potential global demand, we are ensuring that our efforts are a powerful investment in your future success.